Here at Paul’s Carpets we have a fantastic range of high quality competitively priced carpets. With so much choice, getting the right carpet for the right place in your home or contract location can be an extremely daunting prospect. Luckily for us however, the way carpet made today means there are very few really poor carpets. Improvements in fibre technology and carpet construction techniques thankfully mean that even the less expensive carpets will wear well if they are put in the right place.

Of course, different fibres and constructions will lend a carpet certain properties – wool carpets, polypropylene carpets, nylon carpets or a blend of fibres will each react differently within the same location – but this is by no means the end of the story.

The length of time a carpet will last depends on several factors and each must be considered at the purchasing stage: the carpet pile itself, the fibre, the weight of the fibre and the density of the pile will all contribute or detract from a carpet’s suitability for your chosen location.

The rule of thumb in selecting a carpet is location, location, location. You will find that it pays dividends to spend slightly more for higher quality carpets for areas of high wear such as hallways and living areas, but you may well be able to save some hard earned cash where those feet aren’t quite as frequent.

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These 8 tips will extend the life of your carpets, and keep them looking fresh and newer for longer.

1. Vacuuming Vacuuming is the easiest and cheapest thing you can do to extend the life of your carpet.

2. Buy a good vacuum cleaner All vacuum cleaners are not created equal so make sure you buy a good one that pulls the grit that lays low in the carpet and not just the surface debris. It’s the grit deep in the carpet that rubs and wears the fabric away causing your carpets to look older.

3. Good quality underlay When you buy a carpet you should always replace the underlay with a good quality underlay to support your new carpet, if you don’t you’ll shorten the life of your carpet. A new good quality underlay will keep your carpet looking fresher for much longer and extend the life of your carpets.

4. Carpet Cleaning Ideally you should clean your carpets at least once a year. Carpet cleaning removes the ground in dirt and debris and also removes oily residue and stains. It will make your carpet look newer and it will extend the life of your carpet.

5. Shoes off Have people remove their shoes when entering your home. Even though the soles may be clean they carry fine particles and oily substances from outside which can damage the carpet and age it.

6. No bare feet Now I bet you didn’t realise that bare feet are as damaging to your carpets as shoes are. That’s because the soles of your feet have an oily film (no you can’t feel or see it) that will be picked up by your carpets leaving a residue behind that attracts dirt which then abrades your carpet.

7. Mats and Runners For high traffic areas such as halls or entrances a mat or runner is an excellent way to save abuse to the carpet. Use the mats and runners to absorb initial dirt and grime upon entering the house and keep it isolated. The mats can easily be replaced or cleaned. This will add years to the carpet in these areas.

8. Remove Stains Remove stains immediately after they occur. Follow the manufacturers directions or use a carpet cleaner solution. Stains once set can be difficult to remove and nothing will age your carpet faster than a bunch of stains. Most stains, yes even the difficult ones, can be lifted if the proper procedures are followed.